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Welcome to Southern Sky Yoga!

Photo: Class at Southern Sky Yoga

Southern Sky Yoga is a multi-discipline yoga studio serving Elgin and Northeast Columbia, South Carolina, offering classes, workshops and special events to meet the needs of beginning and experienced yogis.

The Southern Sky Yoga studio is located at 10603 Two Notch Road, one mile from Village at Sandhill, just past the traffic light at Pontiac (in the Allstate Building).

"All yoga practices, including meditation, are designed to reveal the existing happiness in every cell and tissue of the body and every thought wave of the mind."
—Sharon Gannon

Wondering if Yoga is Right for You?

Have you put off coming to yoga because you think it's only for those thin, flexible people you see online or in the media? The fact is, if you have tight muscles, yoga is just the thing to loosen them up. (continue reading)


Upcoming Events:

Sat. 8/23 Absolute Beginners Workshop, 2:00pm

The ideal place to begin your yoga journey. This two-hour workshop is designed to teach beginners the basics and help them build the confidence they need to join in the regular classes. We'll give you an overview of the history and principles of yoga; teach you the most basic poses; and then guide you through a several flows, just like you'll encounter when you come to class. All for the special low price of $20 pre-registered (the drop-in rate is $30).

Space is limited to 15 participants so pre-registration is strongly recommended. Register today to reserve your spot and save $10.


8/31 Introduction to Meditation Workshop, 4:00pm

Anyone can learn to meditate but, as with most things, getting started is easier if you have some guidance. Join us Sunday, August 31 from 4:00-6:00 for an informative, “hands on” introduction to meditation. Visit the Events page for details, or register now to reserve your spot. Space is limited.