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Welcome to Southern Sky Yoga!

Photo: Class at Southern Sky Yoga

Southern Sky Yoga is a multi-discipline yoga studio serving Elgin and Northeast Columbia, South Carolina, offering classes, workshops and special events to meet the needs of beginning and experienced yogis.

The Southern Sky Yoga studio is located at 10603 Two Notch Road, one mile from Village at Sandhill, just past the traffic light at Pontiac (in the Allstate Building).

"All yoga practices, including meditation, are designed to reveal the existing happiness in every cell and tissue of the body and every thought wave of the mind."
—Sharon Gannon

Wondering if Yoga is Right for You?

Have you put off coming to yoga because you think it's only for those thin, flexible people you see online or in the media? The fact is, if you have tight muscles, yoga is just the thing to loosen them up. (continue reading)


New Features and Services

Website Updates: We have added two new features to our website. The first is the yoga pose reference guides, which can be accessed from the About Yoga page. These guides are PDF documents that feature stick figure drawings of the basic yoga poses and also the different Sun Salutation flows.

The second is our Blog. A link to the blog has been added to the main navigation bar at the top of each page. We will add articles to the blog a minimum of once per month, and will feature topics that we hope will be of interest to practicing yogis. Suggestions for blog topics are welcomed!

New Services: We are now offering private sessions to individuals and groups for services including yoga, guided meditation, guided relaxation, and sound relaxation (music/rhythm/gong). Please refer to the Relax & Restore page for details and pricing information.